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how do I become a client?
Apply here.
You must have a website. 

why should I use thebookr instead of going to an agent?

- Direct access to quality, professional models, without paying excessive agency fees. Thebookr only charges a 10% booking fee.

- See models' availability calendar instantly.

- The ability to filter models by various criteria and book them instantly online (no more waiting for callbacks or dealing with paper vouchers).

- Your contact information is kept private and not disclosed to models until you book them or contact them.

why should I pay the talent through thebookr?
It’s an instant confirmation of the booking. Although thebookr collects the fee upfront (through Paypal) when you book, the money is not released to the model until 24 hours after the booking call time and you can cancel or change the booking anytime before then. There is, however, a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel within 48 hours of the booking call time.

what if I am not satisfied with the talent’s work?
If the job is completed, it is difficult to negotiate with the talent. If you decide that you do not want to use the talent after s/he arrives but before the work begins, discuss a resolution with the talent right away. Within 12 hours after the booked call time, you will receive a post job confirmation email which will give you the opportunity to request a stop payment on the job and the payment will automatically be cancelled.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you communicate with the model via email, phone, or skype to ensure the model's look, professionalism and reliability. Thebookr does our best to screen for models who are not just beautiful but are professional, entrepreneurial and reliable but you must do your part to establish a good relationship with your models as well to ensure best results.

what if the date of the booking changes?
You can edit any detail of the booking up to the day of the booking and an automated email notification will be generated to the model.

what if the model works more or less time than was booked?
If after the job, you work out a rate with the talent that is less than the booking amount, contact us right away with the corrected amount and we will arrange the appropriate refund. If you owe the talent more money, simply book the talent again online with today’s date and s/he will be paid 2 days later.